Barack Obama, financial journalist?

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Todd Henderson, Barack Obama, financial journalist?, Truth on the Market (March 14, 2010),

When I was a student at the University of Chicago Law School, our president lectured there. I didn’t take any classes from him — he taught stuff I wasn’t interested in — but I had friends who did; all raved. The other day, I opened up my copy of the Law School directory for reasons of nostalgia. There the president is on page 34, under “Lecturers in Law,” between Judson Miner and Stephen Poskanzer. Although I knew President Obama’s biography by heart at this point, one fact in it surprised me: “Before joining Developing Communities Project, he worked as a financial journalist . . ..” Really? A financial journalist? Am I the only one who had no idea about this? As someone who teaches business law, I would love to see the stories the president wrote when he covered finance. If anyone is out there who has copies, send them my way.