More Destructive Nannyism in Chicago

Thom Lambert —  5 February 2010

I’ve tiraded several times about the city of Chicago’s unbridled paternalism. From smoking bans, to proposed restrictions on trans-fats, to censorship of theatrical depictions of smoking, to the confiscation of locally produced meat products, the powers-that-be seem determined to treat residents of the City of Broad Shoulders as though they’re a bunch of helpless infants who can’t take care of themselves. In acting as Protector, the Nanny Brigade thwarts voluntary transactions and associations and thereby destroys real value.

If you want a vivid illustration of this value destruction, read this appalling account of a recent raid on a licensed shared kitchen in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Be sure to watch the video. The protective public servant wouldn’t even help dispose of the food he destroyed. Disgusting.

(HT: Lynne Kiesling)

Thom Lambert


I am a law professor at the University of Missouri Law School. I teach antitrust law, business organizations, and contracts. My scholarship focuses on regulatory theory, with a particular emphasis on antitrust.

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    This is truly appalling.

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