More Destructive Nannyism in Chicago

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Thomas A. Lambert, More Destructive Nannyism in Chicago, Truth on the Market (February 05, 2010),

I’ve tiraded several times about the city of Chicago’s unbridled paternalism. From smoking bans, to proposed restrictions on trans-fats, to censorship of theatrical depictions of smoking, to the confiscation of locally produced meat products, the powers-that-be seem determined to treat residents of the City of Broad Shoulders as though they’re a bunch of helpless infants who can’t take care of themselves. In acting as Protector, the Nanny Brigade thwarts voluntary transactions and associations and thereby destroys real value.

If you want a vivid illustration of this value destruction, read this appalling account of a recent raid on a licensed shared kitchen in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Be sure to watch the video. The protective public servant wouldn’t even help dispose of the food he destroyed. Disgusting.

(HT: Lynne Kiesling)