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Joshua D. Wright, Some Links …, Truth on the Market (August 18, 2009),
  • There was a lot of backdating … yawn… oh, and Brett Favre is coming back
  • The WSJ editorial page thinks the liberal boycotts of Whole Foods in response to CEO John Mackey’s op-ed on health care reform won’t have any real effects because because “real protest would require the store’s hyperprogressive customers to withdraw forever from the Whole Foods community to get their artisanal foods at the supermarket chain down the block”; the WSJ editoral page also thinks that the FTC antitrust challenge of the Whole Foods/ Wild Oats merger was silly because the a price result would result in consumer switching to other supermarkets
  • Oesterle on Jones v. Harris: is the most dynamic battle here the role of Jones v. Harris in the executive pay wars?  The Posner v. Easterbrook angle?  Neoclassical v. behavioral economics?  More from Professor Bainbridge.
  • The right economists arestill not as good as the right sociologists” … Sociologists want a seat at the table in the White House.  Peter Klein submits at least one of the appropriate objections: “One sociologist thinks economists downplay race and gender — “their supply and demand curves don’t deal with these questions” — which is silly, as much of the analysis of subprimes by labor economists focuses exactly on this. I’m not claiming that sociology (or anthropology or history or psychology) has no useful policy implications, of course, only asking for specifics.”