TOTM Online Symposium Announcement: Section 2 and the Section 2 Report

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Geoffrey A. Manne, TOTM Online Symposium Announcement: Section 2 and the Section 2 Report, Truth on the Market (May 03, 2009),

REMINDER:  Section 2 Symposium Begins Tomorrow!

We are pleased to announce the next Truth on the Market online symposium:

Section 2 and the Section 2 Report:

Perspectives and Evidence

We have an incredible line up of participants for the symposium, and we (modestly) believe that this will be the most significant online antitrust event to date.

The proceedings will begin on May 4 and continue officially through May 6.  Of course it is the nature of blogs that the content and the discussion may carry on indefinitely in the comments, and we hope this symposium will stand as an important resource for some time to come.

We’ve organized the symposium across the three days so that each day will have a different emphasis.  The first day, Monday the 4th, we’ll discuss some introductory themes and set the context with some more-broadly-oriented perspectives on the Section 2 Report, including the enforcement perspective from inside the antitrust agencies and economists’ views, among others.  The second day, Tuesday the 5th, we’ll devote to the general Section 2 standards debate.  And we’ll finish up on Wednesday the 6th focusing on specific substantive areas, tracking the Section 2 Report and its substantive content in greater depth and detail.

Below, in alphabetical order, are our participants.  We have a couple of outstanding (and outstanding) invitations, so this may be filled out more in the next day or two.  We expect the posts generally to follow the outline above, but we will also allow the conversation to flow where it will to some extent; check back regularly for new posts and new comments.

We will look forward to seeing and hearing from the participants, and an engaging ongoing discussion, starting on Monday.



Alden Abbott, Associate Director, Bureau of Competition, FTC


Tim Brennan, University of Maryland


Dan Crane, Cardozo Law School (soon to be University of Michigan Law School)


David Evans, LECG and University College London and University of Chicago Law School


Herbert Hovenkamp, University of Iowa Law School


Keith Hylton, Boston University School of Law


Bruce Kobayashi, George Mason Law School


William Kolasky, WilmerHale and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, DOJ


Thom Lambert, University of Missouri Law School and Truth on the Market


Tad Lipsky, Latham and Watkins and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, DOJ


Geoffrey Manne, LECG and Lewis & Clark Law School and Truth on the Market


Howard Marvel, Ohio State University


Bill Page, University of Florida Law School


Michael Salinger, Boston University, LECG and former Director, Bureau of Economics, FTC


Josh Wright, George Mason Law School, former FTC Scholar in Residence and Truth on the Market