The Antitrust Rumormill …

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Joshua D. Wright, The Antitrust Rumormill …, Truth on the Market (November 06, 2008),

So, now that the election is over, it must be time to start speculating as to who will fill what spots in the Obama administration. I already made some predictions about what an Obama antitrust regime might look like, but who will be running the show at the DOJ and the FTC? The Deal reports some possibilities at DOJ: Doug Melamed, William Kolasky, Jan McDavid, and Bill Baer. Over at the FTC, the list suggests that Commissioner Leibowitz is likely to take over (the article suggests the list of potential Chairmen is long, but doesn’t name any). Today’s Deal singles out Professor Einer Elhauge as a likely candidate for one of the top job both because of the Harvard connection, his role as an Obama advisor, and recent speeches at antitrust fundraisers and events.  This article names former FTC Chairman Bob Pitofsky as a participant in the transition team.  I think I’ll also add former FTC Bureau of Economics Director Jonathan Baker (American) to the list of top candidates for the FTC spot.

I guess it won’t be long until we know.  TOTM readers, any good guesses as to who gets the two top antitrust spots?