Advice for Economics Graduate Students

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Joshua D. Wright, Advice for Economics Graduate Students, Truth on the Market (June 06, 2008),

From Peter Boettke at the Austrian Economists blog.  Boettke gives detailed advice on how to prepare for your first year of a graduate program in economics, but the general message of the advice is more broadly applicable.   I agree with virtually everything he says about the economics (start writing early and read lots of Alchian are amongst the recommendations), and you should read his post for those details, but the last paragraph is advice worth sharing here for both law students and economics graduate students:

And finally, find the brightest and those who love economics among your fellow students and become close friends, and pursue the graduate education and research journey together.  You will learn as much, if not more, from your fellow students as compared to your professors.  Choose wisely.

That passage certainly resonates with my own graduate school experience a great deal.  Go read the whole thing.