Go Cubs Go

Bill Sjostrom —  3 October 2007

As a life long Cubs fan, I wanted to give a shout out to the Cubs who start their trek to the World Series tonight. Unfortunately for Cub fans who live in the Eastern time zone, it’s going to be a late night. The game does not start until 10:07pm EST. I look for the Cubs to follow the precedent set by the Cardinals last year, i.e., worst regular season record of any team in the playoffs but nevertheless World Series victors.

One response to Go Cubs Go


    I am very concerned with Zambrano’s lower arm slot. If you study video you will find that his arm slot is 12 degrees or so lower this year compared to previous years. Because of this, his “sinker” moves less vertically and more horizontally. While this is not a bad thing by itself, this may indicate Zambrano is hiding an injury or is otherwise out of sync — and when pitchers are out of “sync” they tend to get hurt. If you are into studying pitchers, check out these pitching profiles of Zambrano (http://baseball.bornbybits.com/plots/Carlos_Zambrano.html) and Webb (http://baseball.bornbybits.com/plots/Brandon_Webb.html)