Obnoxious, Disruptive, Worth a Debilitating Electrical Charge

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Elizabeth Nowicki, Obnoxious, Disruptive, Worth a Debilitating Electrical Charge, Truth on the Market (September 18, 2007), https://truthonthemarket.com/2007/09/18/obnoxious-disruptive-worth-a-debilitating-electrical-charge/

Have any of you actually watched the video of the University of Florida student, Andrew Meyer, who was tasered (shocked with a stun gun that emits a “debilitating electrical charge“) by UF Police at a discussion with Senator John Kerry?  The student was asking a series of questions of Senator Kerry, and apparently the student did not want to give up his line of questioning and sit down when his time was up.  The student appears to be loud and obnoxious, but I cannot hear him saying or doing anything dangerous or threatening.

The UF police drag the student away from the microphone, to the back of the auditorium, and they take the student down to the ground.  It appears from the video that multiple UF police officers are on top of him.  The student is on the ground, begging the police not to taser him, … but they do.  His screaming as he is being tasered and after being tasered is astounding.

The link to the video is half-way down the linked page

Watch the video.  Pay attention to the part at the bitter end, where the student is on the ground, with multiple police officers on top of him.  He is screaming, “don’t taser me,” and it sounds like he is saying “I’ll leave” (as in, “I’ll leave the conference – I’ll leave the room”).  And then the police taser him.

I am without words.