Chinese Antitrust Law Coming Soon … ?

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Joshua D. Wright, Chinese Antitrust Law Coming Soon … ?, Truth on the Market (August 27, 2007),

It looks like, according to this report, the long-awaited Chinese Anti-Monopoly law will be passed next week and take effect August 1, 2008.  See here for my recent post on the Chinese antitrust law with links to relevant scholarship, and here for Geoff’s earlier post while visiting the Conglomerate a while back.  See also the China Business Law Blog on the NDRC’s successful challenge against the China Ramen Noodle Association under the Price Law.

UPDATE: Danny Sokol points us to Paul Jones’ translation of a Chinese newspaper report (here is a link for our Chinese readership) on the highlights of the Chinese Law.  Though I sincerely hope that something has been lost in translation here, it appears there is a prohibition on “restricting the purchase of new technology, new equipment or restrictions on the development of new technologies.â€