Welcome the Newest TOTM Blogger: Robert T. Miller

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Joshua D. Wright, Welcome the Newest TOTM Blogger: Robert T. Miller, Truth on the Market (August 22, 2007), https://truthonthemarket.com/2007/08/22/welcome-the-newest-totm-blogger-robert-t-miller/

On behalf of everyone here at TOTM, please join me in welcoming Robert T. Miller as our newest permanent blogger. Robert is an assistant professor at Villanova University School of Law. Prior to joining the faculty at Villanova, Robert was an associate with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and a visiting assistant professor at Cardozo Law School.  Robert teaches Business Organizations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Economic Analysis of Law, and Antitrust.  In addition to his expertise in these areas, he is interested in philosophy of law, moral philosophy and the philosophy of language.  He is also a regular contributor to On the Square, the blog of firstthings.com.

We look forward to Robert’s posts and hope you enjoy them!