Coffeemaker Found. Time to Move On.

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Elizabeth Nowicki, Coffeemaker Found. Time to Move On., Truth on the Market (June 01, 2007),

As some of you know, I have been visiting away this year.  First, Cornell.  Then, W&L.  Now I am packing to go off to Tulane (for good).

I have thought a lot about blogging about the visiting process.  This was an amazing year, and I am grateful for having had the chance to visit away.  I never really blogged about visiting, however, b/c my sense is that it is a bit of a delicate subject in the minds of some faculty members.

Had I blogged about visiting, I would have positively raved about it.  It is a fascinating, eye-opening experience, that is edifying and exciting.  But for the moving aspect.  Having to pack, move, unpack, pack, move, unpack, repeat is exhausting, and I have twice lost my coffeemaker.  I am not making that up.  When I moved to Cornell from Richmond, I somehow lost my coffeemaker, so I bought a new one.  When I left Cornell and moved to W&L, I packed the coffeemaker and shipped it to W&L.  I *know* I did.  But, when I got to Lexington, I couldn’t find the coffeemaker in any of my household boxes.  I *knew* I packed it, though, so I refused to buy another one.  After weeks of searching for the coffeemaker, I just got into the routine of walking Maggie-the-border-collie to Lexington Coffee each morning so I could pick up a cup of joe.  I gave up on my coffeemaker.

So here I sit, alone on a Friday night, packing my last few boxes in my W&L office, to ship off to Tulane.  On the bookshelf in my office is a lone box from Cornell, never opened.  I never opened it when I got to W&L, because I knew it contained my Adelphia materials, my Tyco files, and a bunch of reprints.  There was nothing I needed in there for this past spring term.  As I moved the box over to the “ship to Tulane” pile, however, I noticed that the Tyco/Adelphia box smelled a bit… musty.  I figured something must have spilled on it at some point in transit.  So I opened the box.

In it, I found my files on Adelphia and my files on Tyco.  I also found a stack of old reprints.  And, beneath all of that, I found the coffeemaker, in its now musty-smelling spendor.  Score.