I’ve Been Had.

Thom Lambert —  3 April 2007

My jaw just about hit the floor when I read this press release from the American Antitrust Institute. In my defense, I skipped the “editor’s note” and the “embargoed until” information. Of course, I should have known something was up because the page linking to the report said “the contents are disturbing.” I can’t imagine that the contents would have concerned AAI, which is “principally dedicated to supporting a more aggressive antitrust agenda” and dubs itself a “counterweight to conservative influence.”

Thom Lambert


I am a law professor at the University of Missouri Law School. I teach antitrust law, business organizations, and contracts. My scholarship focuses on regulatory theory, with a particular emphasis on antitrust.

2 responses to I’ve Been Had.


    I figured it out when I got to the part about the antitrust division and the FTC being merged under AAI’s authority. Up until that point, though, I was feeling both disgust and elation: the former because of the substance of the purported recommendations, the latter because of the fodder it would provide for my academic pursuits. That’s the nice thing about being an academic. When policies are good, you’re happy b/c they’re good. When policies are bad, you’re happy b/c you have stuff to rail on. (I guess I’m a “glass half full” kinda guy.)


    So, I guess you had a fun April Fool’s Day!