Opinio Juris Symposium

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Thomas A. Lambert, Opinio Juris Symposium, Truth on the Market (April 01, 2007), https://truthonthemarket.com/2007/04/01/opinio-juris-symposium/

The always excellent Opinio Juris, whose contributors include my Missouri colleague Peggy McGuinness and my former co-clerk Julian Ku, is hosting an online symposium on “Challenges to Public International Law.” The symposium features five papers and five responses, all of which address the following topic:

As long as people have been writing about public international law, commentators have suggested that it is a system in crisis or somehow under stress. After a moment of optimism at the end of the Cold War, scholarship has returned to the challenges of international law. Opinio Juris is convening an on-line symposium to carefully consider just what these challenges may be: Terrorism? Hegemony? Illegitimacy? Or other topics that have not yet been fully explained? Is the problem that international law is too weak to make a difference or that its institutions are invasive to the point of being undemocratic?

The symposium looks fantastic. Congratulations, Opinio Juris.