Some Weekend Blog Reading

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Josh Wright, Some Weekend Blog Reading, Truth on the Market (February 24, 2007),

Some blogging that may be of interest to TOTM readers:

  • Andrew Gelman (for it) v. Tyler Cowen (against it) on the American Economic Association’s decision to add 4 new quarterly journals.
  • Michael Giberson (Knowledge Problem) and David Fischer (Antitrust Review) on the Sirius-XM Merger, a story Keith has been covering here at TOTM.
  • VC’s Todd Zywicki on the Supreme Court’s decision in Marrama v. Citizen Bank of Massachusetts (“the Court reached the right result, but turned what should have been an easy case into a much more difficult and close case than it should have been, and in so doing, wrote an unnecessarily confused opinion”).
  • Larry Ribstein’s investiture ceremony address on markets, capitalism, Starbucks, hamsters, movies, and more (it is a very entertaining talk, check it out).  Congrats to Professor Ribstein, the new Mildred Van Voorhis Jones Chair.
  • Starbucks’ Chairman Howard Schulz warns of “The Commoditization of the Starbucks Experience.”
  • Robin Hanson on the backlash against evidence-based medicine.