Who's Got Blog Juice?

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Joshua D. Wright, Who's Got Blog Juice?, Truth on the Market (October 14, 2006), https://truthonthemarket.com/2006/10/14/whos-got-blog-juice/

Paul Caron reports on scores using the “Blog Juice” calculator for a few of his favorite law blogs. “Juice,” apparently, refers to an Index score combining Bloglines subscribers (40%), Alexa rank (15%), Technorati ranking (30%), and the count of inbound Technorati links (15%). The Juice Index is not a very good measure of “Juice,” see e.g., Solum and Ribstein’s low rankings. Paul does not report a score for TOTM, but I checked anyway because … well, rankings are fun. TOTM scores a 3.8 (as does, for example, WSJ Law Blog). Not bad for a blog yet to celebrate its first birthday (this January). Thanks for reading.