Happy Constitution Day!

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GMU will celebrate Constitution Day today with a debate between Professors Neomi Rao and Todd Zywicki (of VC fame). Here are the details:

Worth Wining About!  Should You Have a Constitutional Right to be Your Own Wine Importer?

A lively discussion of Granholm v. Heald.

Featuring Professors Neomi Rao and Todd Zywicki.
Moderated by Professor Ron Rotunda.
Friday, September 15
4:00 -5:00 p.m.
Room 121

For those who missed last year’s Constitution Day at GMU, a discussion between Professors Rotunda and Nelson Lund as to “whether it is constitutional for Congress to use its spending power to reach down into the curriculum and culture of every school in the country and dictate what shall be taught, celebrated, or memorialized — and when,” I leave you with my colleague Nelson Lund’s Green Bag essay on the topic, “Is Constitution Day Constitutional?”