MoneyLaw Hits the Blogosphere

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Joshua D. Wright, MoneyLaw Hits the Blogosphere, Truth on the Market (August 10, 2006),

Jim Chen and the Jurisdynamics Network are already expanding by introducing a new blog: MoneyLaw. Here’s a description:

Inspired by Michael Lewis’s book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, many law professors have pondered the extent to which this profession can learn from Billy Beane’s approach to winning baseball games for the Oakland Athletics. Four of those professors — Jim Chen, Tom W. Bell, Paul Caron, and Ronen Perry — will now discuss the ways in which Moneyball‘s emphasis on quantitative assessment of baseball-related performance can inform law school governance, academic rankings, and the overall mission of legal academia.

The “Moneyball” approach to law school faculty hiring is something for which GMU Law has been noted (as well as the economics department), and a strategy that takes a good deal of homework. I will be looking forward to reading what the MoneyLaw bloggers have to say.