Lebanon’s Military Capacity

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Keith Sharfman, Lebanon’s Military Capacity, Truth on the Market (August 08, 2006), https://truthonthemarket.com/2006/08/08/lebanons-military-capacity/

I’m confused about something.

What are the capabilities of the Lebanese army? Is it capable of dealing with Hezbollah or not?

Till now, the Lebanese position has been: we have not been able to comply with our obligation under UN Security Council Resolution 1559 to disarm Hezbollah because our army is too weak to do the job. So don’t blame us for Hezbollah’s actions.

Now, however, the Lebanse government is suddenly offering to use 15,000 Lebanese troops to keep Hezbollah at bay if only Israel would withdraw.

If it’s true that the Lebanese army is able to handle Hezbollah, then why didn’t it disarm Hezbollah before the current conflict began? And if the Lebanese army really can’t handle Hezbollah, then isn’t the current offer to use the army basically worthless?

Whatever the Lebanese army’s capabilities really are, it seems hard to fault Israel for its skepticism about the Lebanese offer and for insisting on dealing with Hezbollah itself and not withdrawing until a multinational force is in place.