American Lawyer Article about Blawgs

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Bill Sjostrom, American Lawyer Article about Blawgs, Truth on the Market (June 02, 2006),

The latest issue of The American Lawyer has an article about blawgs called Blawgs on a Roll. Here’s an excerpt:

“Blawgs”-for the uninitiated-are legal blogs, and if you haven’t incorporated them into your daily reading, you are missing out. The most compelling, cutting-edge, honest legal writing being produced in this country today is happening on the Internet, and the crop improves daily. From the fistful of judges (including Richard Posner) who maintain regular blogs, to the vast and growing number of law professors and law students who find the time to post daily, it’s clear that the real bones and guts and sinew of the national conversation is happening online, and not in print.

I can’t argue with that.