Very Comfortable Seven Figures

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Bill Sjostrom, Very Comfortable Seven Figures, Truth on the Market (May 01, 2006),

A friend of mine forwarded me a link to the recent NYT article “Wanted:  Lawyers With a Skill Set in Finance� because I have (or once had) a skill set in finance, including private equity work.  I’ve never regretted leaving practice for academia because there is no better job in the world than being a law professor.  But the article did give me some pause.  In particular, there is currently a shortage of private equity attorneys, and the pay scale for open positions “ranges from $150,000 for junior associates to ‘very comfortable seven figures’ for some partners and general counsels.�  I wish I could describe my salary as a “very comfortable seven figures.�  Heck, I would even be fine with a somewhat uncomfortable seven figures.