BlogBurst Invitation

Bill Sjostrom —  17 April 2006

As discussed in this post, BlogBurst, a new blog syndication service, was launched last week. BlogBurst syndicates articles from hundreds of blogs for use by traditional media outlets who pay a fee to use the service. As I noted in the post, you can apply at to have your blog included in the service, and I applied to have TOTM included. Today I received an email from BlogBurst inviting us to join. My inclination is to join (assuming nothing onerous in the fine print). It costs us nothing but could lead to wider exposure and more traffic. It doesn’t trouble me (at this time at least) that BlogBurst will be making money off of us. What do you think co-bloggers?

3 responses to BlogBurst Invitation


    Ditto Geoff and Josh.


    I’m all for it.


    I think we should go ahead. As you noted in your earlier post, the benefit to us is in the form of increased traffic and exposure (we hope). If we want to capitalize on that ourselves we are, of course, free to do so by seeking advertisers. Like you, I am not in the least troubled that BlogBurst might also make money from the deal.