New Blog Syndication Service Launched

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Bill Sjostrom, New Blog Syndication Service Launched, Truth on the Market (April 11, 2006),

BlogBurst, a new blog syndication service, was launched today by Pluck Corporation, a startup located in Austin, TX. BlogBurst syndicates articles from hundreds of blogs for use by traditional media outlets who pay a fee to use the service. Per the BlogBurst website:

BlogBurst is a syndication service that places your blog on top-tier online destinations. You get visibility, audience reach and traffic, while publishers weave the rich and diverse fabric of the blogosphere into their sites.

So far BlogBurst has signed up media outlets Gannett Co., Washington Post Co., San Francisco Chronicle, Austin American-Statesman and San Antonio Express.

You can apply at to have your blog included in the service (I submitted TOTM, and given our PageRank, I’m sure they’ll jump at the chance). There is no mention of participating blogs being paid. I suppose compensation comes in the form of “visibility, audience reach and traffic.”

For more details, see this Business Week article.