Blogging and Tenure

Bill Sjostrom —  17 February 2006

I had my post-decision debriefing meeting with our Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion (RP&T) Committee this week (I got promoted to associate). This was my first RP&T meeting since I started blogging so I was interested in getting the committee’s take on it. Without a doubt it is favorable. In fact, to my surprise the committee consensus was that my blogging can count as scholarship, teaching and service for tenure purposes. It is up to me to make the case in my tenure materials as to why it should count. I plan to do so.

Now, I’m under no illusion that I can blog my way to tenure; I still intend to continue to crank out traditional scholarship. But it’s nice to know that blogging can help. And I think it’s a smart move for law schools, especially regional law schools like mine, to encourage faculty blogging—many of the benefits that flow to the blogger also flow directly or indirectly to the blogger’s school.

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    I can’t believe it took this long for the promotion. Nonetheless, congrats.


    Congrats Bill!


    For what it’s worth, I’ve routinely included my web site–which currently averages about 3000 visitors a day–and my online visibility in my reports to the school about what I’m doing. I haven’t gotten any negative comments on the subject.

    Of course, being in Silicon Valley may help.


    Congratulations on the promotion.


    The production and consumption of blogging can definitely be a source of intellectual stimulation and new ideas. Sure, it is possible to over-do it, but for most of us, it is large net gain. Your situation I hope will emerge as the norm.




    Reading Volkh was one of the reasons I chose Mason!

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