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So sometime between January 17th, 2006 and this post, I managed to accumulate 500 blog posts here at Truth on the Market.  Not bad.  Not quite at par with our recently-tenured David Hoffman’s 550 or so, but more than also recently tenured Bill Henderson’s 200.  Of course, adjusting for quality per post puts Henderson comfortably ahead of not just me but most law bloggers anyway.  But hey, maybe I’ll pick up the pace if I get tenure.  Though I have to admit that despite the links to my scholarly area that appear in the vast majority of my postings, and with all due respect to those who include blogging in their tenure package, my tentative inclination is in the other direction.  Anyway, I’ve enjoyed blogging much more than I expected I would when I started out and want to thank our readers, commenters, and others for visiting from time to time.