Is Antitrust/Competition Law or Industrial Organization Taught in Your Country?

Thom Lambert —  13 June 2007

My future colleague, Danny Sokol (who’ll be visiting at Missouri Law next year), is one of the authors of the fantastic Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog. Danny requested that I post the following:

I am surveying countries around the world that are not OECD members and not members of the EU to determine whether and at which universities are antitrust/competition law and/or industrial organization taught.

Please respond to this post rather than email me directly with the following information:
University (specify department- e.g., economics department or law

For example, an entry may look like the following:
Universidad Diego Portales – law school
Competition law, seminar in competition law and intellectual property

I’m not sure how many non-American antitrusters read this blog, but if you’re out there, Danny would appreciate your participation.

Thom Lambert


I am a law professor at the University of Missouri Law School. I teach antitrust law, business organizations, and contracts. My scholarship focuses on regulatory theory, with a particular emphasis on antitrust.