CPI Interview and Update on Ginsburg & Wrights’ “Antitrust Sanctions”

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Joshua D. Wright, CPI Interview and Update on Ginsburg & Wrights’ “Antitrust Sanctions”, Truth on the Market (June 20, 2012), https://truthonthemarket.com/2012/06/20/cpi-interview-and-update-on-ginsburg-wrights-antitrust-sanctions/

Competition Policy International has published an interview with Judge Douglas Ginsburg and me following up on our 2010 article “Antitrust Sanctions.”  The interview ranges from topics such as whether the Occupy movements impact our proposal for use of debarment as an antitrust sanction in the United States to fairness concerns and global trends in antitrust penalties.  I believe one must be a subscriber to read the interview or listen to the audio.   The issue also contains an interview with Don Klawiter discussing the relationship between the evolution of executive penalties in antitrust, the Ginsburg & Wright proposal, and compliance programs.  Check it out.