Welcome to Day Two

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The Law and Economics of Interchange Fees and Credit Card Markets

Welcome to day two of of our two-day symposium on the law and economics of interchange fees and credit cards.

Our symposium brings together several of the world’s leading experts on interchange fees and the law and economics of credit card markets.  Our participants will discuss a range of issues surrounding the regulation of interchange and credit card markets.

Today’s posts will cover the following topics:

  • Assessing Cross-Subsidies.  Posts from Tom Brown & Tim Muris and Todd Zywicki
  • Assessing the Network Rules.  Posts from Bob Chakravorti and Joshua Gans
  • Considering the Costs: Fraud.  Posts from Jim Van Dyke, Allan Shampine and Geoffrey Manne
  • Additional Responses and Closing Thoughts.  Posts from Omri Ben-Shahar and Joshua Wright and TBD

The posts will appear regularly throughout the day to allow time between posts for discussion: Check back for updates and comments.  Expect free-ranging discussion in the comments–most of these issues are inter-related and we will return to several themes throughout the symposium.

You can find all of the symposium posts under the “credit card symposium” link on the right side of the page.

Thank you for joining us!