Rent a CFO?

Darian Ibrahim —  26 February 2007

This recent article in the NYT (log in required) caught my eye. It discusses the growing market for temporary financial services to companies. Since SOX this market has grown by 68% to $8.9 billion, and is expected to grow another 10% this year. The companies looking for temporary help include nonprofits, public corporations, and start-ups.

While the post-SOX boom suggests that public companies are the largest user of these services, the article also notes that start-ups have been renting CFOs for the past fifteen years. This practice makes a lot of sense from the entrepreneur’s perspective. Start-ups are short of cash and may be unable to keep a permanent finance person on staff. But when it comes time to solicit angel or venture capital funding, bringing in an expert can help entrepreneurs with financial projections in a business plan and during negotiations over valuation, all at an hourly rate. This hire-as-needed model works well for lawyers – why not for finance types? The article was quite rosy on the idea, but I wonder if there are any downsides? Perhaps liability concerns for the temp (the article mentions the possible need for a D&O policy)?

One response to Rent a CFO?


    How do I find one? I know I have an amazing concept and could be the next Starbucks….but I’m not able to do this on my own. I’m searching for the CFO to help….never thought I could rent one! Where is there information oout there on this…the risks, perks, the search….Thanks…