Miami Heat in 7

Josh Wright —  6 June 2006

That’s my prediction for the NBA Finals. The betting markets and Vegas have Dallas favored, as do most pundits. The series has a ton of interesting matchups. A classic battle of styles: the Mav’s speed against Miami’s inside out attack. Why pick the Heat? In a game of two very contrasting styles, I refuse to gamble pick against the best player on the floor. Hint: its this guy.

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    Folks can always quarrel about a call or two here and there in both directions (I agree, btw, that the series was poorly officiated), but Salvatore had very little to do with Wade going for 35 pts, 8 rbs, and 4 asts a game while shooting 47% for the series. That sort of performance just doesn’t come around too often in the finals, i.e. the list of players with 4 straight 35 point performances in the finals? Jordan, Wade, Barry, Baylor. Not bad.


    Wade, with an assist to Bennett Salvatore.


    No we didn’t end up so bad after all. Congrats to Miami! And what a series for Wade!


    Well, we didn’t do so badly after all, Josh. Miami in 6? Split the difference.

    You really called it with Wade, though. What a series for Wade!


    Looks like we should probably both keep our day jobs!


    Um, did I write “Miami Heat in 5”? Scratch that. Maybe Dallas in 4?


    If Shaq and D-Wade can both repeat their performances against Detroit, you may well be right!


    Josh, Wade is a local favorite here in Wisconsin, but I think Shaq will be the difference in this series. Three rings in LA … he knows what it takes. He is motivated to deliver on his promise to the people of Miami to bring them a championship. And he was nasty in the Eastern Finals. Miami Heat in 5.